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If you find it difficult to stretch your legs and experience pain while doing so, you may have a torn hamstring, which is a type of knee injury. Austin Knee Pain Doctor Organization is one of the authority sites on this topic. If swelling is present along with an inability to move, this indicates that the knee joint has been overextended, which occurs when the knee joint straightens beyond a certain point. This is a common type of knee injury among athletes who engage in activities such as running, turning, and jumping.Your knee may be sore after a serious knee injury, and you may be unable to walk, move well, or carry items.

You could have a torn meniscus, which is a cushioning cartilage that cushions the joint. This is a piece of fibro cartilage in the shape of a C that is located on the joint’s periphery. There is no blood supply to the majority of the meniscus. As a result, when the meniscus is damaged as a result of a knee injury, it is unable to heal normally. Furthermore, as you get older, your meniscus begins to deteriorate, with degenerative tears becoming more common. When a meniscus tear occurs, the torn portion of the meniscus begins to shift inside the joint in an unusual way. In many cases, such a situation necessitates knee surgery. Any knee injury should not be overlooked; otherwise, knee surgery may be required. So, right from the start, choose the right treatments to heal your knee injury and avoid knee surgery. Even if you don’t have any knee injuries, it’s a good idea to give your knee some rest and stay away from extreme activities that can cause knee pain. When working out, be cautious because the wrong type of exercise or an excessive amount of exercise can cause knee pain. Increase your workout routine gradually to avoid straining your knees and resulting in knee pain. Always seek advice from a medical professional before increasing or changing your exercise routine, as abrupt changes can result in knee injury.