Facts About Kailua-Kona Finance Advisers

A prospective adviser can give you detailed details about the services you’re being offered during your first meeting, as well as an estimate of how much you’ll have to pay for them. This will allow you to compare the costs of financial advice and shop around for the most cost-effective advisor. Your adviser will clarify all of this to you by handing you two keyfacts documents relating to: Kailua-Kona Finance Advisers has some nice tips on this.

Services: This guide outlines the types of guidance you’ll get as well as the items available.

Costs: This table outlines the various options for paying for the advice you get. It even shows you how much you’ll have to pay in fees or commissions. It tells you how the fee compares to the average market commission if you pay by commission. The new advice system (which went into effect in December 2004) makes it easier to understand what you owe. When you first seek advice, the adviser must provide you with a menu of fees. This will allow you to compare advice costs and shop around for a better deal. In the parts below, we’ll go over the three main ways to pay for advice.

Having to pay a premium

Fees are either paid per hour or as a flat rate for the whole project. This is referred to as fees-only advice, and it is the most expensive choice, with fees ranging from £75 to £250 per hour (depending on your location and how experienced your adviser is). You should be able to get the first half-hour free; this is usually an introductory meeting where you get to know each other better and decide if you want to work with the adviser. Even if you don’t end up taking out a financial product, you still pay a fee. If you pay by commission, this isn’t the case.


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