Ultimate Gudie To Portaloo Hire

So you’re planning a major event and you’re in dire need of additional restrooms. Rather than subjecting your guests to the horrors of filthy, claustrophobic toilets, you opt for luxury portable toilet hire and reserve some elegant portaloos, but which kind do you choose? After all, renting luxury portable toilets isn’t worth it if you end up with a long line of guests waiting cross-legged outside two toilets – after all, a limited number of luxury toilets would provide your guests with the same uncomfortable experience as a field of ordinary portaloo cubicles, so it’s vital to prepare ahead. Get the facts about Lakeside Hire-Portaloo Hire

Of course, when looking to employ porta potties, you can start by considering the size of the case. For example, larger outdoor weddings or corporate events will need many more toilets, not only to ensure that there are enough toilets for all guests, but also to prevent queues, which can make people irritable and anxious, which can ruin their entire enjoyment of your case, so make sure you consider how many toilets you will need.

A smaller case, for example, can only need two toilets, with a male bathroom and a female bathroom, called ‘The Mere.’ However, if you need portable toilets for a large number of activities, two toilets might be inadequate, and it is better to employ this small unit as a backup, ‘just in case,’ rather than using it to provide facilities for an entire outdoor event.

So, while ‘The Mere’ might be a good option if you need some extra amenities, a larger unit like ‘The Sylvan’ might be a better choice. ‘The Sylvan,’ rather than providing only one toilet for men and one for women, is a better portable toilet rental choice since it has two toilets and two sinks for women and two urinals, a toilet, and a sink for men.

A larger unit like this might avoid long lines from developing, but ‘The Sylvan’ would struggle to cope with events with more than fifty or so guests, so even larger units would be worth considering.

These larger units include ‘The District’ and ‘The Shire,’ luxurious portable toilets with the size and capability to accommodate a large number of guests in a beautiful setting. ‘The County’ has three women’s toilets and two sinks, as well as three urinals, a bath, and two sinks for men. This increased number of lavatories would help keep things going smoothly, but even this might not be enough, in which case the largest portable toilet hire machine, ‘The Shire,’ should be considered. For women, there are four toilets and three sinks, while men have four urinals, three sinks, and a toilet. This type of unit would help eliminate long lines at the portable toilets while also providing attractive and tidy bathrooms for your guests. With such a wide range of luxury units to choose from, finding the ideal facilities for any form of event is a breeze.