When on business trips, keep yourself safe.

Although flu season is no longer a big concern, many travellers may still be suffering from a cold or the sniffles. To assist you in travelling safely without the use of a Hazmat suit, I’ve compiled a list of easy ways for you to get to your meeting without bringing several forms of germs with you. When you’re not feeling good, the last thing you want to do is sit through a PowerPoint presentation. Here are some suggestions to help you avoid getting a cold.
• Handwashing – You can wash your hands at least five times before and after boarding your plane. Shower as soon as possible after landing to eliminate any dirt or bacteria you might have picked up on your journey.If you would like to learn about this,click for more info.
• Clean – Before boarding the plane, disinfect the area you’ll be in for the duration of your trip. If you have a window seat, this includes the armrest, overhead shelves, tray tables, and window shade. During fast turns, where the plane arrives and departs quickly, these are all areas that are not thoroughly cleaned. Bring antibacterial wipes and wipe down the area around your seat to ensure that your area is as clean as possible. Remember that hitting something on an aeroplane is the most common way for people to become ill.
• Food and Beverage – One of the most common ways for airborne illnesses to spread is through the consumption of food and beverages on planes. Experts advise against drinking onboard, but if you do, carry your own. If you can’t wait until you arrive and must buy something, cover it with a clean napkin to avoid airborne germs infesting it.
• Storage Pockets – Another region that is seldom disinfected and should be treated with caution. Any kind of food or personal object should not be placed in the storage pockets on the back of the seats. Bacteria will easily accumulate in this region and then spread to your food or mobile phone. If you need to store something, put it in your carry-on bag.