Clear Aligners: What Are They?

Clear aligners are clear plastic dental braces, which are utilised to Align teeth misaligned due to uneven wear and tear. As the name suggests, they are clear and give a good view of the tooth structure as well as helping to view the tooth roots and the jawbone. They are also very durable, making them ideal for anyone with an orthodontic treatment regime. The downside of clear aligners, is that they are not for everyone, but as they are so affordable, there are many who would benefit from this form of cosmetic dentistry treatment.You can get additional information at Wichita clear aligners.

Clear aligners do not need to be fitted as they come in a series of colours and designs. When you have chosen your aligner you then make a little cut into the back of the aligner to reveal the metal frame which fits the tooth. To align the tooth, you must take the aligner all the way around the teeth and slide it outwards, holding on to the back part of the aligner as you do so. Once this is done you can apply the gel from your orthodontist to the front part of the aligner. To keep the liner in place, you simply need to make an incision in the top of the clear aligners and hold the plastic brace in place by tucking it under the gumline.

If you wear clear aligners but they are starting to show signs of becoming loose or wearing off, you can apply a retainer. A retainer is very similar to a regular brace, except that it is not clear. If you wear a retainer regularly, it can prevent your braces from slipping off. It also helps prevent new damage being done to the teeth as well as helping to stop gum disease and other mouth diseases. In addition to the obvious benefits of using a retainer, they also help to improve the alignment of your teeth and improve the strength of your bite. When choosing your retainer, it is important to choose one that is comfortable to wear, fits properly, and allows you to easily brush your teeth without bending over.

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