What Exactly is Darkfinity Smartphone And Tablet Gamepad

The Darkfinity Smartphone and Tablet Gamepad is a simple, yet sleek entertainment package for anyone who loves to entertain. Connecting via a simple Bluetooth connection, the Darkfinity Smartphone and Tablets have an Android OS that makes it easy to use any of their entertaining applications with up to date, high definition graphics. In addition, the touch screen allows you to browse the internet, play games, take pictures, and take videos, and connect with your social media contacts through their built-in social media integration features. read more

The Darkfinity Tablets has a built-in D-Sub camera so you can instantly upload your images straight to your favorite social networking site. The Darkfinity Smartphone and Tablets come equipped with two built-in speakers so you can enjoy the high definition graphics featured on the screen and hear the latest news stories. With direct GPS access built in, you can get directions straight to your destination. If you’re headed out to see a show, make sure to check the street maps to ensure you’re going the right way. Not only is it important to be familiar with where you’re going, but also to know where you’re going to stay so you won’t get lost. That’s why the Darkfinity Tablet is a must-have for anyone who wants the convenience of a smartphone and the comfort of a tablet PC.

The Darkfinity Smartphone and Tablets are reasonably priced and have a long battery life, giving you hours of entertainment while on the go. Plus it has developed an intuitive user interface which makes it easy to use even by a novice. The built in speaker capability lets you enjoy your tunes on the commute home from work or just as you relax after working a stressful day at the office. Connecting wirelessly is easy with the USB cable available as well.