Trends in Pediatric Critical Care Nursing

In order to provide cost-effective and high-quality care, an increasing number of health-care organisations are beefing up their paediatric critical care nursing staff by recruiting nurses with a broader scope of experience. Pediatric clinical nurse specialists (CNS) who work in hospitals and paediatric nurse practitioner (NP) who work in outpatient clinics are two examples of these professionals. Click here to find more about Pediatric therapy near me are here
Changes in health-care delivery systems and the fact that patients’ health-care needs are becoming more diverse and complex are driving the need for more advanced paediatric critical care nursing. Some health care practitioners are proposing that these two positions, CNS and NP, be combined into one advanced nursing position in order to create a more streamlined, coordinated, and efficient method of care delivery.
Pediatric critical care nursing is unique in that it focuses only on children. An advanced practise nurse, such as a nurse practitioner, has additional experience and expertise in taking histories, conducting medical examinations, diagnosing patients, and administering medications. The CNS places a greater emphasis on patient and staff education, and they are praised for their unique approaches to case management, care planning, and patient education.
The scope of the CNS and NP positions is regulated by their employer’s policies and procedures, as well as their state licencing board. Advocates for combining these positions argue that an experienced paediatric critical care nurse should be capable of performing both CNS and NP duties.
Cost containment, patient and family satisfaction, and improved service quality are all priorities for health care organisations. Getting access to these higher-level specialisations in paediatric critical care nursing is advantageous. Some specialists, such as paediatric cardiologists, understand that hiring a paediatric nurse practitioner will help them expand their existing practise. However, a merger of the CNS and NP roles would not generally be supported by all professions; certain Physician Assistants will see the new Advanced Practitioner role as a challenge to their current positions.