The Top Three Reasons Why a New Generation Is Choosing an Urgent Care Clinic

Would you go to your doctor if it was called the Snail’s Pace Clinic? Certainly not! Isn’t that the kind of treatment you get when you sit in a hospital emergency room for hours on end, politely (and pitifully) waiting for your name to be called? Let’s pretend the clinic is called Urgent Care. Wouldn’t it attract you like a swarm of ants to a discarded lollipop? You can, of course, and the decision is now yours.If you’re looking for more tips, Newport News Urgent Care Association has it for you.

When you have an accident or become sick, you have the option of visiting a slow-moving hospital emergency room or a high-quality urgent care facility in your area. When the accident or disease is life threatening, there’s no doubt that a hospital emergency room performs admirably. If this is the case, you will be rushed to the back, where all available doctors and nurses will begin working on you right away. Even your injuries aren’t life-threatening, though, you’ll spend hours surrounded by the sick and contagious, and you’ll most likely leave sicker than when you arrived.
If you aren’t one of the fortunate few who has a daily doctor, visit an urgent care facility the next time you get sick or have an accident. You will notice that you will obtain much quicker service (of the same standard as elsewhere), that you will be treated with dignity and respect (rather than as a number), and that you will pay a reasonable price at an affordable walk-in clinic. The deck is stacked against the hospital emergency room these days, with all of the excellent urgent care facilities opening around the world.
Let’s look at some of the medical issues that could prompt a visit to a walk-in clinic. This is a partial list, and it does not reflect the full scope of what these incredible facilities do on a daily basis.
Lacerations and abrasions
Cutting one’s self is a common occurrence. Many people seek medical attention at their preferred urgent care clinic for this form of accident, whether it occurs at work or at home. An abrasion is a cut on the surface of the skin. An example of an abrasion is a skinned knee. Although an abrasion does not cause permanent harm, medical assistance is often needed to clean and bandage the wound and to prevent infection.