Marrickville Pilates – Workout For Both Flexibility and Posture

Pilates is actually a total fitness regime developed in the mid 20th century by Joseph Pilates; after which it was named after him. Pilates named his technique “Contour Fitness” because of this unique feature. Basically, Pilates means “an exercise in line with the movement”. It’s practiced worldwide, particularly in Western countries.

Pilates was developed to provide people of all ages with a low-impact alternative to conventional exercise regimes; it’s a great way to achieve flexibility, balance and strength without getting injured. For this reason, there have been numerous studies carried out on the health benefits of Pilates. These studies reveal that people who perform Pilates tend to have lower blood pressure, better muscle tone and much improved posture. Pilates also offers great benefits to your cardiovascular system and is great for reducing the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke.Find additional information at Marrickville Pilates.

One of the most popular workout programmes, and probably one of the best overall for improving your body’s flexibility, balance, strength and posture are Pilates v yoga. People who practice Pilates have claimed that practising this combination increases their flexibility beyond what other exercises using mat exercises can achieve. In fact, because you’re using machines during the Pilates workout, your body doesn’t need to struggle to do the exercises using core muscles – because it’s all about the mat. Some people say that this combination is the key to Pilates’ claim to be able to improve your posture. Another benefit of doing Pilates and yoga together is that both exercises offer you a wonderful chance to develop breathing control – vital for preventing injuries.