The Basics Of Landscape Design

Landscape design is actually an art and discipline, practiced primarily by landscape architects, merging architecture and botany. In modern practice, landscape design blends the practical with the aesthetic, incorporating nature and cityscapes in urban areas. In fact, many modern landscape architects have turned their backs on the “abbreviated” notions of simple and geometric designs. Instead, they prefer the spectacular, the monumental, the elemental. The result has been a growing body of work that is more individualized and innovative than any other discipline. These designers are also able to take seemingly irreconcilable elements and combine them into a coherent and integrated whole.Get the facts about landscape design indianapolis

A landscape design plan should first be implemented through the careful coordination of existing land uses and structures. Once this planning is complete, landscape designs can then be conceptualized and built upon. This allows for flexibility and the ability to modify a landscape design over time, if need be. Some landscape planners like to build their gardens as a part of the overall landscape design and incorporate features such as waterfalls or ponds into the overall landscape plan, while others may decide to build the garden later, in line with the rest of the house.

The key to successful landscape design plans is to focus on visual communication as much as function. When deciding on what materials to use, the designer must consider how each feature will relate to others and the overall scheme. They should try to imagine how each object will affect the others, and how the scheme will appear overall. Additionally, good landscape plans must be visually appealing and have a strong environmental impact. The finished result should be attractive and interesting, while still remaining compatible with the surrounding landscape.


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