Everything you need to know about Glass Doors Sliding

Among homeowners in Europe and the US, sliding doors are common. It is a type of door that, by sliding parallel to the wall, opens horizontally. It was said that these sliding doors were used also during the first century by the Romans. In archaeological gold mines, such as the ancient city of Pompeii in Italy, these architectures have been discovered. To provide protected access to open areas, fresh air, and natural light, sliding doors are also used. Usually, it is a single unit, but it consists of two parts of the frame – one is fixed while the other is mobile, allowing it to slide open. These horizontally opened sliding doors are either fixed on a wall or set on a suspended track. Click here to find more about Newport News Vinyl Windows Association are here

The sliding glass door became popular as one of the significant elements of pre-war international style architecture in Europe and North America. In many regions and countries after the war, this has also become a standard feature in residential and hospitality building construction. The sliding Shoji and Fusuma panel doors of traditional Japanese architecture are influenced by this door style. We love this old world style even after now and in many other countries, as many have used it as their entry door, shower door, wardrobe doors, etc.