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Then the desperation sets in. The tax preparer is accused of not doing a job that is good enough. “You must have missed something.” Or, they dig deep, trying to think of anything, anything at all, that could reduce their tax liability. “Did I mention that vacation, I mean, business trip I took to the Caribbean? That’s deductible right?If the only time you know how your company is doing is on the 15th of April, you are doing a great disservice to yourself. You are in for a very long, painful, tortuous lesson delivered by the Internal Revenue Service if you are not monitoring your tax liability and making plans to satisfy that liability. You’re going to pay.You may find more information at Elgin Tax Filing.

You’re going to pay way more than you would if you’d planned ahead. And in order to get caught up, it will take you forever.One day, I was in the office of a client getting her books closed for the year so that she could have her tax return prepared. In the next office, I overheard a woman saying to someone, ‘I’m just going to run out and get my taxes done.’ I was horrified. It is not something that you just “run out” and get done like an oil change to have your taxes prepared. Good tax preparers are just like good stylists for hair. They have accompaniments.

People book them beforehand. If you’re just going to ‘run out’ and have your taxes done, who do you think you’re going to get as a tax preparer? The best and the most brilliant? Just barely. You’re going to get the preparers of the first year who haven’t built up a following. Those who are fresh from the tax class and usually have no experience preparing tax returns or running a company.

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