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Perhaps you’re determined to spend as much of your retirement in your own home as you possibly can. Have you asked yourself, however, how you will manage if your health begins to deteriorate? Many Baby Boomers contemplating retirement and weighing their options have decided that the advantages of finding retirement communities which offer multiple living arrangements far outweigh the disadvantages of having to leave their familiar homes. The Village at NorthRidge-Assisted Living┬áis one of the authority sites on this topic.

These people are the ones who have found “continuing care retirement communities” in which to spend their leisure years. Continuing care retirement communities are those which offer a variety of residential and medical care options to accommodate the future needs of their residents. Continuing care retirement communities usually include:

– Independent living residences (either single-family homes or apartments) for those retirees who are still self-sufficient;

– Assisted living facilities for retirees who need just a little with routine tasks like bathing and dressing themselves; and

– Full nursing facilities for residents where reached the point where they need full-time medical care.

What are the advantages of choosing a continuing care retirement community rather than an active adult community designed for self-sufficient retirees? One of the biggest is that living in a continuing care retirement community means you’ll never again have to uproot yourself as you did when you sold your pre-retirement home. You can stay in a continuing care retirement community for the rest of your life!

Like all retirement communities, continuing care retirement communities vary tremendously in their facilities and culture. They range from casually friendly, with active social programs and communal dining to more formal, with single-family homes protective of their residents’ privacy. If you’re looking for a continuing care retirement community, there are a few things you should consider.