Keep Your Heating System Efficient With Pipe Insulation

Heating systems that are not properly insulated lose heat near where the heat is generated, as well as all along the pipe path. You want to make sure the tubing is properly sealed with your hot water or steam heating system so that the gas flows to the farthest reaches of your house without having to work too hard on the radiator. The easiest way to do this is to make sure you insulate the tubing with steam pipe insulation properly. For more info check here.

Although standard pipe insulation can be a little cheaper and may be easier to find, for steam pipes you may not use this form of insulation.

These pipes are getting too hot, touching a temperature as high as 450 degrees F. Yeah, in some situations. Only for temperatures up to 120 or even 200 degrees F is standard pipe insulation approved. For steam valves, it won’t work. For systems producing up to 500 degrees F, special steam pipe insulation is available and can be used.

Old houses might also have insulation for asbestos piping inside the pipes. Since there is a health risk involved with it, this form of insulation is no longer built. It can be patched up to reduce the risk if you have this form of insulation, or you can pay asbestos abatement specialists to eliminate it for you.

Fiberglass steam pipe insulation is normally used today. You can buy it from a range of various vendors, including State Supply. State supply makes a variant that is split down the center to slip over pipes simple to mount, as well as providing a peel and stick adhesive for the lap. The outer surface consists of white, aluminum-bound Kraft paper. This kind of insulation can be used on copper or iron pipes up to six inches in diameter. It is an inch of thinking and comes in three-foot-long bits.